Honduras embassy.Ambassador forced to resign

Carlos Rodriguez Andino , the Honduran ambassador to Colombia has been forced to resign. He stepped down on Saturday after his bodyguard was reported to have held a Christmas party with prostitutes at the mission.

Tegucigalpa said the resignation is to safeguard national interests and good relations with the Republic of Colombia. We asked for the ambassador’s irrevocable resignation and Mr Rodriguez stepped down with immediate effect.

Honduran media reports say the bodyguard and close friend of the ambassador, Jorge Mendoza organized a party at the embassy to celebrate Christmas which later turned into an orgy with prostitutes.

sexual orgy at embassy

Prostitutes stole embassy computers and cell phones, and defecated on desks of the ambassador and commercial attaché, after they were asked to leave without being paid.

Police officers are seeking to question two prostitutes who were taken to the embassy in a vehicle about the party and the alleged theft.

The party started around 10:00pm and ended 5:00am the next morning according to the police.

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