World’s largest football Jersey,Nigeria set to break record

Remember the Guinness ‘Fly with the Eagles campaign’? Well we’ve been on about it all week. Here is the big news, Nigeria is set to enter the news again, and it is for something really positive and global. Guinness is offering all Nigerians a chance to be a part of history by coming out to demonstrate support for the Super Eagles in a BIG WAY!

Naija, are you READY to make HISTORY? It’s time to be part of history; it’s a record breaking attempt by Nigeria. We are set to break the world record for the largest football jersey in the world and Guinness is the one making this happen. You get to write your messages of support to the Super Eagles on this massive jersey, so come be a part of history by leaving your mark on the record breaking jersey  at the Teslim Balogun Stadium Surulere Lagos on  Monday 21st through Friday 25th, 2013.

Come and show your support for the Super Eagles and be part of history, sign on the record breaking Jersey.  Join the conversation on #naijabreaksworldrecord or @guinnessvip; you can also go to m.guinnessvip or facebook/guinnessvip.

world's largest football jersey















world's largest football jersey














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  1. Wow!!! When can the Black Africa learn? The countries of the world are breaking records with Infrastructures and Tourism that betters the life of its people or creates employment or revenue… like longest bridge, longest railway, tallest building and so on… but Nigeria is barbarically creating the world’s largest jersey and richest politicians and ex government officials… FOOLS! Fools!! FOOLS!!! AM SO ASHAMED this is NEWS

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