Photospeaks: Ailing Enugu State Governor,Sullivan Chime visited by Governors

The ailing Enugu State Governor,Sullivan Chime was visited yesterday by some Governors. Governor Suswan, Governor Akpabio and Governor Amaechi were present at the London hospital.

The Guardian gathered that Chime had been discharged from Wellington Humane Hospital, Swiss Cottage, London, on November 21, last year, after successful surgeries that allegedly had to do with his respiratory organ.
He, however, returned to the hospital from a private apartment on January 11, this year as an out-patient for check-up.
Further details of his ailments could not be disclosed as experts attending to him said that doing so would “breach data protection law” as it applies in the United Kingdom (UK) which the governor is entitled to.
The source however disclosed that he would need further examination and monitoring to ascertain his level of response to treatment.
Although he had hurried out of the state following an alleged illness, officials of his administration had always denied the reports, explaining that the governor is “hale and hearty”, and only left to enjoy his “accumulated leave”.
They insisted that Chime, who came to power in 2007 had not gone on leave since then and had decided to observe one, having worked hard to improve the fortunes of the state.


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