My husband disappeared after impregnating me

My name is Mercy, I am from Imo State in Nigeria though I live in Europe and my supposed husband lives in England.
I was contracted by his sister in 2005 to marry him because he asked her to search for a wife for him, at the time, he said that “London girls are not wife material“.
Since 2005, we have been dating. We would have phone s*x and did a lot of other things until 2011. In March 2011, I lost my mummy. After my mother’s funeral, Chike came to visit me he said he was sorry over my mother’s demise. He got a job in the European city where I live and told me he was finally going to marry me and that he loves me.
We made love in August up till the day he left to London on the 6th of September 2011. During the 1st week of October 2011, I realised I was pregnant. I immediately informed him and my dear sister. Since October 2011 until this very day as I write I have not heard from him.
girl crying
I became pregnant in October and I gave birth in June 2012.
Please advice me on what to do. Apparently, he has switched his cell phones and turned his homephone lines off. I also have his home address, which I do not know if he still resides there. I kept a low profile, hiding my pregnancy from my family because I thought he was going to change his mind.
But it appears he is married with children and that’s actually his reason of hiding. I was advised to contact you to help me publish my sad story on your blog and beg anyone who knows his where about to come out. I will provide you with his numbers, photos name etc… if you sincerely wish to publish my news.
I have gone through loads, I only breastfed his kid 3 months because I had to resume work, all I need from him is child support to help me raise his child.
I humbly await your reply.
Please share any valueable advice with Mercy

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