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Christine Amanpour of CNN interviews Nigerians in Lagos on power outage

Christine Amanpour slammed Goodluck Jonathan’s  claims that power supply has increased in Nigeria. The Amanpour show today featured tweets from disgruntled Nigerians complaining about the electricity situation. Most of the tweets were jokes about the power failure at the USA Super Bowl on Sunday. The Nigerians who sent the tweets compared the power failure at the Super Bowl to NEPA’s penchant for power outage in Nigeria. The show also focused on mangled electric lines in Lagos State, and featured the purring generators that constitute noise pollution in Nigeria. Finally, Nigerians were interviewed on the streets of Lagos, and they all gave the government a thumbs down on the electricity issue.

It was an expertly executed journalistic response from Amanpour. She first started with a clip of Goodluck Jonathan claiming to be performing wonders in the power sector, then followed up with the hostile tweets of Nigerians who claimed otherwise. After that was the damning verdict of ordinary Nigerians on the streets…taking up GEJ’s challenge that she asked Nigerians on the streets about his power reforms.

christin amanpour interview

My conclusion: With social media, the world is a small place now. The blatant lies of government cannot withstand the scrutiny of professional western media.Our media in Nigeria is giving politicians a free ride.

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