Human tongue,arm and private part found in ‘Juju’ man’s house in Ogun state

Human tongue, an arm and a woman’s private part has been found in the house of an herbalist identified as Chief Dandola Owotomo aka Amuludun, in Ijebu-Igbo, in Ijebu-Igbo North-East Local Government Area of Ogun State.
Owotomo, 65, was arrested at his residence in Oke Agbo, Ijebu-Igbo in Ijebu North Local Government Area by policemen from Atan Police Division following a tip- off.

The man was picked up by policemen after his house was searched where a shrine was uncovered with fresh human parts. Police discovered a calabash in one of his rooms where a fresh human tongue, human palm and a woman’s private parts were kept in a shrine drenched with blood assumed to be human blood.

Meantime, residents of the area have begun deserting their houses to neighbouring for fear of kidnappers and ritualists in the area.



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