Child Found and Ate Used Condom Found In Play Area At McDonald’s Restaurant

A woman’s lawsuit against a Chicago, Ill., McDonald’s claims that her child ate and coughed up part of a used condom he found in the restaurant’s play area.

Anishi Spencer filed the suit Wednesday on behalf of herself and her two children, Jonathan, 3 years old at the time of the incident, and Jacquel, 2.

The mother claims that the boys found a used prophylactic on the PlayPlace area’s floor when they visited McDonald’s in Feb. 2012.

Jacquel later coughed up a piece of the condom, and both boys required medical treatment.

The suit takes aim at McDonald’s cleaning and surveillance procedures, specifically its failure to detect “deviant activities” on site. Spencer claims negligence and seeks compensation of at least $50,000 in damages for her boys’ medical treatment.

A request for comment from McDonald’s headquarters was not immediately returned. The manager on duty at the McDonald’s where the incident occurred told Reporters that she could not remember if she was working at the time and could not offer further information.

McDonald’s has had a small string of meal-breaking incidents in the past year. In early February 2013, a woman in China was hospitalized after drinking detergent from a Coca-Cola cup a clerk admitted to leaving on the counter. Last October, a woman in Oklahoma sliced her tongue when she bit into a McDonald’s cookie allegedly containing a razor-sharp piece of clear plastic.

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