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Seven-year-old dies after being ‘buried alive by brother’

A seven-year-old American boy has died after reportedly being buried alive while playing with his younger brother.

Wyatt McDaniel was found unconscious in a heap of sand at the family’s horse farm in Texas and died after being airlifted to hospital.

Police said he had been playing with his five-year-old brother, Logan, when the accident occurred. The younger boy alerted their father, who pulled Wyatt from the sand but was unable to save him.

Footage taken from a news helicopter showed emergency vehicles gathered around the large pile at the edge of Wild Sunday Farm in Bexar County.

“The brothers had been playing in the sand together when the younger son came to the father, alerting him that the older brother wasn’t moving,” said Paul Berry a spokesman for the local sheriff.

Mr Berry added that “no actually saw” what happened but that it appeared Wyatt had suffocated in the sand pile. A full autopsy is due next week.

Theresa Chamberlain, an apparent friend of the family, told local media that the two young boys were “best buddies”.

Their father gave horse-riding lessons at the farm and was reportedly teaching at the time of the accident.

The pile of sand the boys were playing in was reportedly used for patching up the riding surfaces after horses had trod across them

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