ASUU Strike 2013:Students plan to block all roads in mass protest

Nigerian Students have plans to organize a mass protest on Tuesday due to the on-going ASUU Strike that has crippled the University System. The protest organized by Joint Action Force (JAF) will kick off at eh Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) office at Yaba, Lagos at 8am. Protesting students in the South-West zone may block all roads leading to Lagos State tomorrow.

Other zones in the protest include Kano, Ibadan, Owerri, Calabar, Abuja among others. The aim of the protest is to draw attention to the bleak future that awaits Nigerian children due to the neglect of public education, “while children of top politicians and government officials are trained in private schools in Nigeria and abroad with funds looted from public coffers.”

ASUU Strike has entered 41 days today and issues have not been resolved. The government has not fulfilled its own part of the 2009 agreement with ASUU.ASUU said there is no going back this time around.


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  1. Government should pls meet †• Their demand, we d student are the one suffering it. PLS

  2. Corruption has invaded dis country and as such acts as pathogens. Dis country is rootly epileptic dat nothing is @list 60% stable. Jonathan as said was without shoes bt struggled to be a scholar should give education maximum attention bt he is now a shadow of himself and is nt helping matter in any way. Asuu is de most useless tin Eva. U both should call oFf dis tin called strike and be useful to Nigerian students. Rubbish

  3. Government why? Lets this ASUU strike be resolved pls, we are tired actually because our life is at stake.

  4. I’m real disappointed. dat dis strike could persist til now shows d govt dont care about the future of this nation.dis country is coursed we really need the like of Moses 4 change 2 occur gush.

  5. we student should allow asuu to fight the fG cosif not it will affect us again if the government did not comply tio thier request so great nigerian student let them fight the govt and let us have a rest of mind in our academics. so this will not happen again

  6. FG,plis listen to massas.Nigeria students are being tortured by strike

  7. Pls let stop putting any blame on ASUU, our government on agitate for dialogue but it is not the best tool for them, when u dialogue they lure u to believe all will be ok soon. the only cry they her is strike. ASUU pls i dont mind staying home for some weeks if am sure that u will not relent until things are put right by this selfish govt. during election they beg us to vote now they have soon forget their promises. ASUU good job jooo

  8. Asuu are doing every good job, bcos it is 4 d benefit of our students. Plz d FG should help our students 2 put things in order.

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