Toni Braxton wardrobe malfunction exposes her natural form on stage

Toni Braxton fans saw more than what they came to actually see at a recent show in New Jersey. Toni Braxton got more than what she bargained for when her skimpy skirt fell down to reveal her natural form. She was in the middle of her performance when the incidence occurred. The totally clueless Toni Braxton kept on singing and dancing for the crowd after she suffered a very glaring wardrobe malfunction.

Toni Braxton, 45 years old continued with her performance and was not alerted by anyone about the slip. She even brought up some male fans to dance with her on stage. She actually must have thought she was doing a great job.

tony braxton malfunction

She finally realized mid-way through her performance that her butt was hanging out and attempted to pull up her skirt. A very considerable male fan offered her his suit jacket to wear.

Members of Toni’s entourage tried to help her after that but Toni Braxton finally ripped off her dress and finished the show in her fan’s suit jacket and a sparkly natural body suit.

After all that, we have to accept that Toni Braxton looks pretty damn good at age 45.

What do you think? Should Toni be embarrassed about her wardrobe malfunction? Would you be ashamed if you were her?

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