Nigerian Policewoman caught on tape collecting N100 from bus driver

The last time was a Policeman, this time around a Policewoman has been caught on camera insisting on collecting a N100 bribe from the driver of a commercial bus. But why would she stoop so low to collect N100? She is been paid salary. If the Commercial bus driver is giving her out of his own freewill, it is better than she demanding for it.
The video footage, which circulated on the video-sharing website on Monday, showed the policewoman sitting in a commercial bus which she had apprehended at a yet-to-be identified location in Lagos.
The driver and the conductor, who had passengers in their bus, were seen making efforts to pacify the policewoman so that they could be allowed to continue with their journey; but their pleas went unheeded.
Soon, the driver got infuriated and slammed the policewoman, saying, “Don’t abuse me because of N100. How much is N100? Me I don pass N100.” The policewoman replied, “E no concern me. Pay me my own money.”
When the driver realised that she was hell-bent on collecting the bribe, he asked his bus conductor to give her the money.
“Give her N100. I will return it to you later,” the driver said in Yoruba language. As soon as the driver handed down the instruction, the policewoman alighted from the bus and walked towards the conductor.
Just as the two were moving towards the back of the bus, a voice from the background lamented, “You pay for police, you pay for agbero.” The policewoman was then seen with another female colleague of hers walking away from the scene.
The video was shot by someone sitting in the bus but it was uploaded on YouTube by one Afro Finlandia.

You can help the Police in fishing out bad eggs in their system.It is now technology(camera Phones) against Bribery and Corruption.Video enabled phone is a tool every Nigerian should have.
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