Strike might end soon as Goodluck Jonathan himself schedules meeting with ASUU today.

Reports reaching us says that Out of much concern of the president on welfare of the students, GEJ himself has decided 2 take over negotiations between FG and ASUU.

This was made known by media houses yesterday. President Goodluck Jonathan, has scheduled a meeting with ASUU
representatives today, the 22nd of august 2013. The set
venue is AsoRock.

Let’s fold our arms and join our knees in prayer that this issue be resolved.

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  1. also heard this news on AIT last night but am suprised i could not find the news on news paper and other media stations. I hope they resolve yhe issue

  2. if d FG findz it difficult 2 pay d demands,shudnt d FG jst reduce d tarrifs collectd by our so kald embezzlin least most of dem ar xtra com4table on dia tarrifs excludin embezzling.d only way 2 reduce dis crisis,z 2 take d politicians of dia comfort zone.nd again,al politicianz shud av dia children in govt skuls,dat wud make dem mur pasionate abt public educatn systems.

  3. If todays’ meeting is not meaningfull,that naija education nothing but a dustbin.

  4. Why de federal govt find it difficult 2 implement de agreement b/w dem &ASUU is simply b/c most of negotiators,their children are schooling abroad,so they are not feeling the pain.but no pros,i believe dat God wil judge everybody accordly

  5. Plz mr president make u help us on dis matter wit asuu it is nt easy staying at home d lord will se u 2ru


  7. Am sure d meeting ended in a deadlock… It is well

  8. d most excruciatin part of it is that, this strike could hv bn avoidable had it bn our govt were serious wiv the decayin state of our tertiary institution, as far as i’m concerned this is all bullshit.

  9. The quality of Education is reducing here in Nigeria i.e Nigeria is a country without a positive future. Enough of this strike

  10. All they eva say is…. ‘may, might, soon, deadlock’ and some other bullshit. Both FG nd Asuu dont seem to be serious. May God judge!

  11. D Fg iz just trying 2 play politics dey already knw dat diz people called asuu won’t cal off d strike until dia demand iz bin met by d Fg but dey just wnt 2 try dia luck if asuu wil be soo foolish 2 cal d strike off. Anyway God iz on throne o. Abeg remeber abacha o.

  12. I’m of the view that ASUU should not concur with any paliative measure suggest by these so called leaders who are not ready to take the bull by the horn-doing what is right once and for all.Are they not ashamed that their country known to be the giant of Africa;a country with so much ‘WEALTH’ is not listed among international community in terms of education? Self aggrandizement! Do you really think that the kind of government we have in this country is the type that cares about the welfare of the people? When you talk about development ,you simply mean a multi-dimentional processes involving a meaninful change in structures,attitudes and institutions.They know that if the people have sound education(institution), they may stand up to their right,hence culminate to REVOLUTION.No one is ready to sacrifice.GEJ hmm,is he not a university DON groomed in Uniport? Is he ignorant of the state of education in Nigeria? ASUU,we are watching.Do not succumb to the tricks of these leaders.I’m sure its God who blind folded to sign the agreement and if u miss it,the fate of the Nigerian education will be subjected to their whim and continually in shambles.I HEREBY ENJOIN MY FELLOW STUDENTS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS AT STAKE .WE SHOULD ALL FORBEAR AND SUPPORT ASUU!

  13. ASUU,do nt succumb until ya demands r met. Though am tired of stayg @ home,bt we nid quality educatn in oda to cmpete wit our mates frm oda countries.

  14. it only taks God’s mercy to resolve this.fellow nigerian student its time to intervene through prayer that is the only solution to this mess

  15. Let us watch and pray

  16. This is from….. FG wanna dupe us all.At a briefing in Lagos, ASUU’s President, Dr.
    Isa Faggae, claimed that government had
    declared it would not implement the
    agreed injection of funds to revitalise the
    public universities, but was only making a
    dubious statement of supporting some
    universities with N100 billion.
    He said: “Government had also declared
    that it will not pay university academics
    their earned allowances which
    accumulated from 2009 to 2013. Rather, it
    is talking about providing N30 billion to
    assist various Governing Councils of Federal
    Universities to defray the arrears of N92
    billion owed to all categories of staff in the
    university system.”
    Narrating the union’s experience at the last
    meeting with the Government held on
    Monday, Faggae said: ASUU was shocked by
    the level of deceit, dishonesty, and lack of
    integrity displayed by the Government.
    Never in the history of ASUU-Government
    relations have we, as a union, ever
    experienced the kind of volte-face
    exhibited by Government.
    At one stage in the interaction, the
    Secretary to the Government Federation
    ridiculed the agreement, the MoU and the
    Needs Assessment Report, mocking the
    Minister of Education to “go and give them
    N400 billion,” at which members of the
    government scornfully laughed.”
    He argued that the Governor Gabriel
    Suswam-led Implementation Committee
    was being used as smokescreen to “deceive
    ASUU, Nigerian students and their parents,
    as well as other unsuspecting members of
    the public on the purportedly released
    N100 billion for the implementation of the
    Needs Assessment Report.
    First, he said, government plans to divert
    the regular yearly allocations to
    universities by Tertiary Education Trust,
    TETFund, to make at least 70% of the N100
    billion. This is unacceptable to ASUU. It is
    like robbing Peter to pay Paul, since the
    idea of revitalization took full cognizance
    of the intervention role TETFund ab-initio.
    “Again, contrary to subsisting operational
    procedures, about 75% of the money
    meant for revitalizing universities would
    not be released to them as the Suswam
    Committee plans to hand over construction
    of the hostel projects to the Federal
    Ministry of Education and/or the National
    Universities Commission, for
    implementation. This is illegal; neither the
    ministry nor NUC is backed by laws of
    Nigerian Public Universities to divert
    monies meant for the development of
    these institutions into centrally executed
    Dr. Faggae questioned the committee’s
    motives for proposing to commit N1.6
    million to a bed space, instead of N200,
    000 to N400, 000, saying, “We see a
    continuation of outrageous contract
    regimes in the plan to centrally coordinate
    the construction of student hostels as done
    in the case of the 12 newly established
    Federal Universities with TETFund
    The NUC has transmuted itself into a
    “Tenders’ board” which awarded contracts
    for the construction of 560 bed spaces
    hostel for each university at a whooping
    sum of 1.2 bn. This contract sum translates
    into N2.143 million per bed space.”

  17. It fustrating, hw can dey jst keep people @ home doing notyn! I’m sure d meeting will still yeild no fruit. All dey do is keep holding deadlock mEetings. God will help us ooo.

  18. Needles 2 say dat d so called fg n dier associates r oblivion of d fact dat a gud qaulity education entails a gud national development. So on deir quest 2 mk it less competitive for deir children dey hv decided 2 deteriote our public universities so dat it wl b deir children dat wl bring d dreamad development. Gr8 9geria students its high time we wake frm our nonchalant attitudes towards our studies and proof d blinded fools wrong

  19. D president u wia 1s a student nd a lecturer. I mean a poor 1 indid. And u also undrstnd wot ASUU z abt doin. So y wil u nt suport? Rmbr d fund is ours bt u nd d so-cald National Asmbly mmbrs dt colct 25% of d annual national budget r mzusing it. Plr Com to our aid nd let dis strike b a tin of d pst. We r losn d cnfidence we hd in u oh b4 we votd in2 dt ofice.


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