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Cultism:Tactics they use to lure you into cultism.Reasons they pick interest in you.

You just need to read this to equip yourself. These are the contents of this article
1. Tactics cult groups may use to lure you into cultism.
2. Reasons cult groups may pick interest in you.
3. Reasons some students may choose to join cult groups.
4. How to avoid cultism or cult problems.
1. Tactics cult groups use to lure students into cultism in schools.

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  • Intimidations – this method involve the use of duress to compel students to join cult groups. It is usually done at gun point. They usually get their victims at parties, clubs, hidden locations and other places. They could use a member who’s your friend to get you. Their member will innocently invite you to his house. Then his group members will come in and force you to join at gun point.
  • Female Traps – they could use a girl to lure you into their group. Don’t respond in a hurry when a girl makes overtures towards you. And before you pick interest in any girl, know the kind of friends she has.
  • Rescue Team – this one is very treacherous. A particular group of guys will be tormenting you in school. While another group will be rescuing you.Your tormentors will make things miserable for you.Your rescue team will always come for your help until you’ll start depending on them. You will start calling them when your tormentors strike you. Your rescue team will abandon you suddenly when you need them the most. They’ll ask you to join them and your tormentors will stop disturbing you. Your tormentors will torment you until you decide to join your rescue team. On the initiation day, you’ll be so shock to discover that, your tormentors and rescue team belong to one cult group. And they’re all there to initiate you. When you get to that point, there’s no going back.
  • Encroaching Familiarity – Your classmates back in high school, brother’s friends or anyone you have some connections to you before you got admission could also want to lure you. They’ll use their familiarity with you to drag you to join them. They’ll always call you to hang out with them and their members until you’re lured in.
  • You’ve to understand the school environment before mingling with other students.
  • Deliberate assistance and recognition – they’ll suddenly begin to help you out. They’ll give you special greetings to make you feel open to them.They’ll try to be friendly with you. They’ll be studying you, trying to know what you’re made of. They’ll smile to you and give you a hand shake anytime they see you. They’re only trying to penetrate your friendly spot with all that. If you succumb, they’ll lure you in. (THIS WAS USED FOR ME. I NOTICED IT IN TIME AND BEGIN TO IGNORE THEM)
  •  Heartless Frustrations – they’ll ruin your room,steal your property, even seize your foot wear on the way. They’ll extort money from you. They’ll frustrate you until you’ll give in and join them. There’re other tactics they use, just be alert.

2. Reasons cult groups may pick interest in you.

Some cult groups might pick interest in you if:

  • They discover you come from a rich home. They would want you to help sponsor their financial activities.
  • You’re very stubborn and you’ve lots of guts. They’ll need you to be a pillar of fear for their rivals.
  • There member is your friend or brother.There are other reasons why cult groups may pick interest in you.

3. Reasons some students may choose to join cult
Some student willingly join cult groups because:

  • They think they’ll get any girl they want been a cultist. That’s not true. 95% of girls don’t like them.They’re scared of them. Some of the 5% that like them belong to female cult groups.
  • They think they will get good grades. That’s not true either.
  • They want to be feared. Definitely they’ll be feared, but they’ll be loners among non-cultist.
  • They want to feel among.
  • There brother or friend is one of them.There’re more reasons.

4. How to avoid cultism or cult problems.

  • Keep only one or two close friends. Before you pick any, study them for one full year to be sure there purpose in the university is the same with yours. Only smile friendly to other students because you need informations from them, that’s it.
  • Live in good lodges, don’t attend just any party,or club, be certain of your safety.
  • Do not walk alone in the night. Avoid lonely places, both night and day.
  • And most importantly, be careful of female students. Female students are known to be thencause of many brutal cult clashes.
  • Stay away from any girl a cultist is interested in. He may kill you because of her.
  • If you’re from a rich home, do not display it.
  • If you’re courageous with lots of guts, turn gentlenand soft.
  • Do not join any association that you’re not sure of their activities and members.
  • Do not live in the same room with a cultist.
  • Do not seek for their help, you’ll commit yourself to them.
  • Do not be a friend to a student whose friends are cultist.
  • Do not fight over a girl with a cultist. You won’t win.


Each cult group have their own unique hand shake and greeting style. Do not sing their songs too.

Each cult have their own unique secret codes or talks. Some codes are calls for help or to know if their member is close by.


Each cult group have their own unique colour. Do not wear colours that sharply depicts the kind of cult that own the colour. If you fly their colour, mimic their handshakes or mention their secret codes or talks, they’ll believe you want to join them. And they’ll begin to lure you.


If you must,whisper and make sure you’re safe with the people you’re discussing it with.Avoid cultism. There’s no gain in it. You may not live to tell others your experiences. Or you may live to regret ever joining one.

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