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Manage your professional/personal life without breaking down

Life becomes tiring and boring when you have no time either for yourself or your family and friends. This leads to the built-up of frustration, anger and feeling of loneliness. Says clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany, “There is a high probability of your relationships going through a tough phase when you do not compartmentalise between your work and personal life.”

Prepare for the day
One of the ways you can easily strike a balance between the two is by making sure that you have everything planned for the day. Whether it is listing down things that you need to do at work or when you get back home, this list will help you engage yourself better at your duties without bugging you about what you need to prioritise.


Schedule work at office
When at work, make sure that you not only complete your tasks on time but also list out how you are going to go about it. Whether it is preparing for a meeting, or making a presentation — when you schedule your work according to the time slotted, you will be able to work faster and also deliver brilliant results.

When at home, don’t think about work
The most important thing you need to do is to ensure that you spend quality time with family. So busy you are with your work life that you tend to carry it home on weekends or holidays. There can be nothing more frustrating for your family/friends. Though you might it difficult in the beginning, learning to wipe your mind off work once you reach home will help you keep the relations strong.

If you are going slow on tracks, reschedule 
Following a particular schedule sometimes does become difficult. A better way to ensure that you complete your tasks on time is by rescheduling it to the next day. Adds Hingorrany, “For example you have an urgent meeting at work but you’ve also made plans with your spouse for dinner, give a call or rather send a bouquet of flowers with a note saying you will be home late, but will make up for it. This way you will avoid the trouble of having a fight at home and also ruining your own mood.”

Make your holidays memorable 

Whether you’ve gone for a vacation or at home on the weekends, do something with your family every time. For example, you can prepare good food or invite relatives over or maybe go out for a long drive. Most couples have fights because their spouse does not have the time to go out with them or plan a vacation due to work. To avoid this, make sure that the time that you get to spend with your partner.

Talk to loved ones as much as you can 

There’s no better way of relieving stress than communicating with your near and dear ones after a rough day at work. Though a lot of people like to stay alone and do things alone after a tiring day, make it a point to talk to your near and dear ones whenever you get time. Remember, the energy you spend at office shouldn’t become a punishment for your family.

Points to remember

Make sure you stay connected with your spouse/partner through emails and messages. Take up a hobby like going to the gym, playing chess, practicing yoga or meditation so that you are not too stressed with work. Help your spouse over the weekend. For example, prepare meals or do housework together.

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