Two women beaten and tortured for stealing pepper

The video you’re about to watch is very horrific, hence why viewer discretion is highly advised. This sad incident seems to have occured in Lagos State considering the fact that one of the women mentioned “Iyana Ejigbo” during this heartbreaking moments of torture.


In the video, several men beat, strip, and torture two women for allegedly stealing pepper. Yes, grounded pepper. The horrible men inserted pepper and stick into their v*ginas. One of the women is even a mother with children at home.


This is virtually the height of jungle justice and abuse on the feminine gender, if truly these women stole “PEPPER”, do they deserve this punishment and torture?

We’re calling on the Nigerian Police Force through the amiable Inspector General, Mohammed Abubakar to PLEASE help us fish out these men….

The senate needs to come up with a very stiff punishment for such offenders and stop harrassing Nigerians with 7-years jail term for social media critics.

Video here

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