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Blackberry Cancels two phones( Cafe and Kopi) to be released

BlackBerry had to cancel more than its conference this year. In fear of poor sales, the beleaguered company also had to cancel two phones that were still in development.
“The company also made the decision to cancel plans to launch two devices to mitigate the identified inventory risk,” reads BlackBerry’s third quarter earnings report published on Friday. The Wall Street Journal came across the buried tidbit Monday.
The two ones were code-named Cafe and Kopi, and BlackBerry had plans to market them in as low-cost phones, unnamed sources told the Journal.
The news coincides with BlackBerry announcement that it was canceling of its annual BlackBerry Live conference. The company reported third-quarter losses of $4.4 billion last week and said only sold 1.9 million smartphones last quarter, an sharp decline from the 3.7 million sold in the previous quarter.


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