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Ten signs you are ripe for marriage

Almost every mature single lady dreams of that day she will walk down the aisle in her beautiful flowing gown, smiling like she just won the lottery. Growing up, you already have your life planned out. For some, the plan is, at 21, I will be through with school and youth service. I will get a job and by 25, I should be in my husband’s house. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes at the age of 35, you’re still single with reminders of past relationships that didn’t work out. To make matters worse, you start hearing comments like, you’re ripe for marriage, when are you getting married, when are you bringing a man home and the likes. Below are signs that you’re ripe for marriage.
1. When all your friends are getting married and you start pressuring your boyfriend to propose.
2. When all your friends start getting engaged and you begin to have sleepless nights.
3. When you are always on all the wedding sites like Bella Naija, checking out love stories and wedding ideas.
4. Every time a man asks you out, you already begin to fantasize about your wedding.
5. When you begin to lose count of how many times you’ve been a bridesmaid.
6. When you start attending every programme for singles, hoping to meet ‘Mr. Right.’
7. You attend weddings every Saturday, hoping that one the guys will notice you and ask you out.
8. You always catch the bouquet at weddings.
9. When everyone starts asking, when are you getting married?
10. When you start making some desperate moves to ‘seize the bae’ by fire by force.

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