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17 ways to be more attractive to women

There are many things a guy can do to be more attractive when interacting with women. Follow these tips and you’ll start noticing the girls all over you.

1. Look her in the eyes. Don’t worry, it won’t creep her out. Just as long as you are nice and not clingy.

2. Make sure you’re awesome in bed.

3. Have soft hands and kissable lips.

4. Wear a nice perfume.


5. Be nice to everyone all the time no matter what. No woman is going to want a guy who isn’t friendly to everyone no matter how people talk to or treat him. Know your role.

6. Smile. Keep smiling. Always smile.

7. Spend lots and lots of time making sure you look perfect. But don’t look like you tried too hard.

8. Be Playful. Be funny. Because acting serious all the time makes women feel like there’s nothing for them to take care of.

9. Be confident all the time.

10. Talk to her when she’s emotionally aroused.

11. Be social, don’t be an introvert. It pisses women off!

12. Stop being dramatic.

13. Don’t complain too much!

14. Don’t make all decisions for yourself, let her make some for you. Trust me, if she truly loves you, she definitely knows what’s best for you.

15. Don’t bring up family issues into the relationship.

16.  No third-party view is allowed in your relationship. If u have a problem with the relationship, sought it out with each other.

17. Give your woman constant complements and constant attention. Do not pay attention to anyone else oh.. and don’t be clingy. Have fun, guys.

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