Nadia Buhari Explains Why She Is Arrogant


The beautiful Ghanaian actress has dispelled assertions that she is arrogant.
   Speaking on Starr FM’s Starr Chat on Wednesday, the mother of twins said she is naturally shy and that has been misconstrued by some people as arrogance.“I think I am a weirdo, naturally sometimes I can be a nerd… I’m painfully shy and really nervous. A lot of people don’t believe that. They are like, ‘You are an actress and you are not supposed to be shy’ but I am extremely shy,” she said.
  Adding, “I can’t start explaining to people that this is exactly how I am so you just take it as it is. It makes me feel bad because I feel like you need to get to know me before you can actually make all of these judgements.”One of her friends who was raised on phone as a surprise confirmed that Nadia is an interesting person to be with only that she is very shy.“She is really shy. People will never believe that because of what she does. Because she is a private person, she prefers being around people who are also like that. That explains why she has made her circle so small. Nadia is a sweet girl and I will say that from my heart,”she said.
   Nadia Buari has starred in movies like Beyonce, Mummy’s Daughter, Beauty and the Beast,Darkness of Sorrow, Slave to Lust, Screte Lie, Desperate Bride, Guilty Threat and Hidden Treasure.

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