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Nonso Diobi Pens Letter to his Future Wife


The Nollywood actor took to Instagram to address his future wife…
Dear unknown future wife…Im here again,remember that we wont hv more dan 3 kids…2 girls and 1 boy,i had always wanted my 1st daughter’s name to be ADAOBI but i v changed my mind cs i dnt like d name again,now she l bear MUNACHI while my 2nd daughter wld bear CHIDERA and my son bears CHINONSO RUSSELL DIOBI just like his father…my daughters must b as prettyas d mum and my son as cute as the father even cutter sef….If u r on Instagram unknowingly,ur username must nt start with “pweedy””pweety” or “pretty” because only ugly girls use dat.My favorite soup is Ofe nsala or egusi soup,u must no how to prepare dat before we meet cos if u waiting for meto teach u na lie o cos i dnt no how to cook anything kuld soup…Dont play hard to get wt me bt u can do small shakara or else u l jst lose me ur future husband…Just be yourself and dont fake yourself,body,hair,eyes most girls here do even if u hv a bf now hope u no u not gonna stay long with him so collect enough money from him as u like, as for me imdoing great here being alone and just waiting for you to show up already….. Ino u gonna take me for WHO i am and not for WHAT i am dats y i v been single, pls hurry up and comeAnd please don’t be the proud and stubborn type dat always wants to winevery argument in her relationship likeits a law courtYours forever, CHINONSO RUSSELL IFEDIORA DIOBI

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