10 Signs He Is Using You (You Are His B00ty Call)

1. When you are his booty call, you never get post-sex cuddle from him. All he wants from you is your cute behind on his bed and he has got no time to be romantic with you. All he cares about is ripping off your clothes and he feels fulfilled when he achieves that.

2. You know you are his booty call when you only get calls from him during odd hours. He calls you only when he wants you on his bed and this calls normally come at odd hours or when he is at home and probably lonely.

3. Every man loves showing off his woman so if he hasn’t introduced you to his family and friends then you might just be his booty call. The truth is when you are his girl, he would make it known to the world that you are his girl.


4. When you are his booty call, he never talks about the future with you. All he wants from you is for you to satisfy him in the bedroom. He would only talk about the future with you when he sees you as his wifey.

5. You know you are his booty call when he doesn’t like acknowledging you guys are dating. You would hear him give lots of excuses of why a relationship isn’t his priority right now. When you hear excuses like “I’m too busy to fit a girlfriend into my schedule right now”, then that’s a sign that you are his booty call.

6. If he has never introduced you to his female friends as his girlfriend then you are just his booty call. In fact it’s even more important his female friends know you are his bae than his male friends. When he introduces you to his female friends as his girlfriend, it means he is definitely serious about you.

7. He is so lively and talks a lot when he is in the bedroom with you but everything changes when he isn’t with you. There just isn’t any form of communication with you when he isn’t in the bedroom with you.

8. When you are his booty call, he will never call or even text to ask you how you are doing. In fact you would do most of the calls when you are his booty call. When you are his booty call, you will call so many times and not get any response from him. When he finally picks your calls, he would give you silly excuses that don’t just add up.

9. When you are his booty call, he doesn’t take you out on dates. He sees it as a waste of time when all he has to do is call you up and you are on his bed. Taking you out on a date might also ruin his chances with some other girls too.

10. When you are his booty call, there is simply no show of affection from him. The only time he shows you affection is when he wants to rip your clothes off. Kissing you is like a big job to him and the only time he would kiss you is probably if it would lead to a good time in bed.

So sister, stop falling for his silly tricks. You are unique and you also have what it takes to be another man’s main bae so why be his booty call?

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