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Chris Brown Now Dating Michael Jackson’s Daughter?

It is no secret that Chris Brown is a major fan of Michael Jackson. And it is no secret that Michael Jackson’sdaughter, Paris Jackson, is a major fan of Chris Brown.

Paris Jackson has been found on many occasions going crazy for Chris Brown’s performances. It is not an uncommon occurrence for Paris Jackson to be spotted front row and center at a Chris Brown concert.


It is amazing to think that Chris Brownwas probably a little kid screaming at a Michael Jackson concert the same way that Paris Jackson has been seen screaming at the Chris Brown concert. But, that is the cycle of life. Nowadays, Paris is much older. According to reports, she is officially 18 years old and legal.

We are sure that Chris Brown has had many meet and greet scenarios with his most passionate fans. Most pop stars, rock stars or a body gyrating R&B stars are known for giving their fans a night they will never forget — well after the concert.

Well MTO is speculating that Paris Jackson and Chris Brown may be elevating their affections for each other’s last names. MTO has a report out speculating that the two could be dating.

To make the situation even more suspect “MTO posted a shout out that Paris Jackson allegedly tweeted in Virginia asking Chris Brown to come hang. According to that post, she said “@chrisbrown I’m out in VA boo hmu!”


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