Kenyan Officer Gets Stuck During S*x With Another Man’s Wife

There continue to be stories of people getting stuck during illicit sex, but people don’t seem to believe at all. There was drama in Kilifi area of Kenya over the past week when curious residents surrounded a house after report went round that a senior county officer “got stuck” during sex with another man’s wife. Police were forced to hurl tear gas to disperse the crowd on Thursday evening, reported The Star.



The story went viral after a renown Kilifi blogger Samir Nyundo posted the incident.

“One of the county chief officers ameshikwa na ‘tego’ akila uroda na bibi ya mwenyewe, Mganga ameitwa saa hii (one of the county government chief officers is stuck while having a sexual affair with somebody’s wife. A witchdoctor has been called now),” the post read.

Tego’ is said to be a kind of protection in the Mijikeda community. A man who suspects his wife is unfaithful uses it so that every man who has an affair with his wife gets stuck inside her during intercourse or sustains an endless Attention. A ritual is then performed to treat the condition. 

Police went to the house that the blogger had posted on social media to disperse the crowd that had camped there from 10am to 6pm.

These are the curious onlookers who surrounded the house where the county officer was reported to have got stuck inside a woman while having sex with the woman who is someone’s wife on Thursday.

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