Man Stuck In Friend’s Wife During Adulterous S*x

In what can be said to be an exact rendition of the famous law of Karma, a man identified as Elder Ndarake, who found pleasure in sleeping with best friend’s wife, was caught stuck  inside the woman during another round of adulterous s*x.

According to an eyewitness, the sordid incident happened in a community in the Ibiono Ibom Local Government of Akwa Ibom State when the the culprit, said to be an elder in a local church and a close friend of the husband of the woman whose name was given as Ubon Ekanem .

Ekanem who is a fisherman, narrated that though he had reports that Elder Ndarake, a married man with five children, always sneaked into his house whenever he was away on his fishing trips which sometimes lasted weeks, he never suspected that he could have amorous relationship with his his wife and mother of seven children.

“I have known Elder Ndarake for many years and he was even the one that recommended my wife to me when I wanted to get married. He stood in for me during the traditional marriage as I lost my father at an early age.

As such, coming to my house even in my absence, I never suspected anything because apart from his closeness to me, he is an elder in our local church and always preached against immorality.

Even when people told me that he went to my house at odd hours when I am not around, I still believed he went there to see to the welfare of my family.

But I was shocked when three young men from our village came to look for me where I was fishing to tell me that Obong Idung (Village Head), wanted me to come home as fast as I could.

I thought our village had been attacked by our neighbours in Cross River State, so I hurried home, only to meet Elder Ndarake in the full view of people, Unclad and stuck inside my wife’s private part.”

“If not for people that restrained me, I would have macheted him to death because I was very angry. Though people said I placed Mbiam (Powerful traditional charm) on my wife, I did not such thing. It was our gods that wanted to disgrace them.

They were later entangled after some sacrifices by a local native doctor but I have handed over my wife to him. I don’t want her again,” Ekanem narrated.

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