Dating Hints For Guys!!!

1.Never sell yourself short. You were born to lead, but first you must conquer yourself

To help you take control of your emotions, you have to learn how to turn down ladies. start by the little things;
turn down that airtime request from that your crush, turn down that your course mate/colleague lunch request, turn down that outing request, however  you may, but subtly, funnily and cockily.

For once, have the balls to be brave, be YOU and do things because you want to do them not because they cajole you to!
don’t be fooled ladies know exactly what they are doing when they go demanding for things they don’t even need and airtime they would never call you with, it is your duty to fashion responses to deflect their demands and hold your sway.



For ladies are like money, the more you chase them, the harder it gets

To get game, you must know that SENDING less is actually more attractive than been all over her and needy like a peacock on heat.

Learn to relax, one step forward, two steps back……

3 Suspense; Works like charm on women.
Always Keep her Guessing! It puts them on edge, out of their comfort zone and what they are used to wit other guys! all guys are the same “they say and they are right! so Dare to be different

Avoid these things when meeting new ladies:

1) Pick up lines – they give off d “I’m not a real guy/player signal”

2) General wuss lines – greetings like Hello beautiful, Hi sexy, Hello babes are all no no… these lines immediately activates her defensive mechanism because she is so used to guys calling her that , she feels anytime she hears that, another guy is trying to come get some goochie and it would cost you an arm and a leg to get to meet the real her that moment

3) don’t go in Bland – this means avoid the conventional modes, statements like: Hello, I’m Don Jaun, May I meet u? Rather use the surprise element to your advantage, by the time she is laughing so hard, she would naturally forget she is defenseless, you must strive to keep the tension Cos If you relax, they might spring up unannounced, Then she would caution herself and draw in

4) Bow out when d ovation is loudest ( get the digits, get out)

Let’s say, you catch her tapping away on her phone, you Can walk up to her and say; Hmmmmm, If I were that phone u’ve been PRESSING none stop, do u think I’d love to pass through your hands in my next life?
She would jolt to life and smile.
However she responds you can spin another Question, or tell to take a moment off, that her eyes looks stressed…..look into her eyes and ask what the problem is with an air of a Practiced doc……

If along d line they come up with but I don’t even know you( this is to put you off, don’t let them) shrug it off by saying: there are those you live with all your life n It’s like u don’t know them, there are r those you meet in a second  and It’s  like u’ve known them all ur life , u would agree with me wouldn’t u?

To Be Continued……………………….


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