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Signs That A Lady Loves You 

In the case of men, it’s just too obvious. We show it too much. We walk up to you and tell you ‘hoo…haaa’ Lol!

But women, am sorry to use the word, are too crafty and if i add, deceptive, it will be more comprehensive. That’s why it takes a real genius and at times, one of likemind to discern a woman’s intentions. 

We have articulated below, signs you should look out for…before you dive headlong! We pray you don’t read her wrongly. Because if you do, you will experience the wrath of a rough woman! Hahaha !!!

Knowing fully well that a lady likes you is simply easy to realize if only you take out time to look out for signs such as these.

1.If She Tells Her Friends About You

When a lady likes you, her friend knows about it and they become creepy when they see you both together. You will be amazed about how much they know about you already.

2.If She Starts To Stalk You

When a lady likes you she starts to monitor every of your movement, she knows every single detail about how you spend your day. She could attempt going through your profiles on social media to know what your philosophy of life and things that interest you.

3.If She Starts To Seek Your Attention

A lady would do just anything to ensure that she gains your attention when she likes you. She could pretend to be sad and lonely just so you would approach her to find out what is going on with her. She wants you around her always and wouldn’t like you to divert your attention from her.

4.She Simply Tells You

If a lady likes you and she has tried every step and you are not forthcoming, the next surprising thing that will happen is that she tells you to your face; “I LOVE YOU” or better still  “I LIKE YOU”…But, it takes a lot of courage.

Now, do you think that colleague of yours in the office likes you? 

What about Felicia, the girl along your street? 

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