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Ten women share their best dating advice for you guys

Does it feel like the men are always the ones giving out dating advice to women? They claim to know women too well to know what they do wrong and how they want things done. But are men really in the best position to advice women about dating? Well, relax… when 10 women were asked what their best love and dating advice would be for men, they didn’t hold back.

See what the 10 women had to tell the men:

1.) “Stop trying to be “cool,” and be who you are, even if it’s a little dorky. And cussing is a turn off.” – Bri K., 26

2.) “Pay attention to the little things. When a man remembers the little details, it can say more than any grand gesture.” — Talia, 24

3.) “Be clear and honest with what your intentions are from the beginning, most women appreciate that.” — Tasneim Z., 20

4.) “The key to approaching women is to feel them out before you go in for the kill. Maybe you’ll find out she hates sunshine and puppies in conversation and decide not to hit on her and save yourself some time.” – Shay D., 24


5.) “Guys please take into consideration that we are more emotional and feel different about things than you do. With that being said, please be sensitive to your mate’s feelings and step outside of yours from time to time.” — Jasmine G., 27

6.) “Friendship is a great foundation to a meaningful relationship. Instead of the man trying to have romantic dates in the beginning, it’s a good gesture to have hangouts where the two can get to know each other and their interests. (I.e. instead of a romantic dinner, try a museum outing, concerts, bike riding)” — Amanda D., 27

7.) “Nothing makes a man ‘feel’ better than a woman. Allow her in. Men are constantly told to “man up,” be strong, tough and all that. And women nurture by nature. There is strength in being open and vulnerable with the one you love. Even if it isn’t love just yet, be willing to share. It’s like a game of catch … you have to throw to play.” — Tamika St., 34

8.) Men, please aim for honesty and intention when you’re dating a woman. If you really like a woman and you have been dating her for a while, please let her know how you feel about her. Have a conversation with her about making things exclusive. Don’t allow her to be confused about what’s going on or to be left dangling from a string.” — Monica, 29

9.) “Communicate your needs and desires to your woman clearly, and not in a joking or passive way. She is meant to be a helper, not a mind reader or magician.” — Holly P., 31

10.) “My biggest dating tip for men is to take initiative. Figure out what the woman enjoys, and plan a nice date accordingly. It goes a lot further than simply asking, “What do you want to do?” Not only does it show your interest and attentiveness, but also it shows your creativity, which is always a huge plus.” — Victoria J., 22

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