FOURTEEN signs your man is a totally insecure person

1. He blurts out the “Love” word right away: As much as that sounds good to hear, a man who tells you he loves you just after two outings is a huge warning sign, especially if he wants you to reply him immediately.

2. He constantly checks your phone: Whenever you are together, he’s always anxious to know who’s calling you and who’s not. Any hesitation to answer him will make him think you are hiding things from him.

3. He has no other hobbies or friends: His life is a straight line, and he has no other life outside work. He’d rather hang out with you every time of the day than do some other activity that does not revolve around you.

4. He constantly threatens to leave you: When he says things like “I don’t feel wanted” or “I don’t think you really love me,” that is a very desperate statement and he’ll do anything to get constant validity from you. This guy is a manipulator and you shouldn’t stay in this kind of relationship.

5. He blames his past relationships on his exes: He constantly talks about how his exes cheated on him and how he became the victim in his past relationships. It’s clear that he’s feeling insecure because of this, but you shouldn’t let him guilt trip you if you aren’t happy in this relationship.


6. He gets pissed off that you don’t spend all your time with him: The attention may be awesome at first, but when you feel like his calls, texts and unexplainable anger whenever you are away is leading towards an obsession, then find your way out.

7. He feels you are having an affair: If he constantly accuses of flirting with everyone that comes your way or cheating on him with your male colleagues because you speak to them ot you are just passing time with him till you find someone better, it’s a clear sign that he’s insecure because he thinks he isn’t good enough for you.

8. He constantly accuses you of having feelings for your ex: He still believes that you still have some kind of feelings for your ex though you both split way before you met him. His insecurity over clouds his sense of judgement and that’s not good for you.

9. His gifts are unending: He constantly buys you things, even the ones you don’t need in order to show he truly loves you. This may be a huge insecurity on his part because he thinks that buying you everything and more will make you stay with him.

10. He’s jealous of your friends: He may want to start some kind of unhealthy competition for your undivided because he’s jealous of your friends. he doesn’t like you going out to meet them and may want to accompany you to see them or keeps calling constantly to check up on you.

11. He keeps calling you his all in all: It may seem flattering in the beginning but soon you have to live up to that pressure he’s putting you on. this is not a good sign, and means he’s clearly obsessed with you.

12. He stalks you on social media: He follows everything you do on social media religiously and will get pissed off if he doesn’t like what you put up on your page or some friend of the opposite sex comments on your page.

13. He’s super sensitive to criticism: He takes even the most constructive of criticism the wrong way. His low self-esteem may be the cause of this behaviour.

14. He needs to be told only good things about himself: There’s this need for constant validation from you and you get to hear questions like “do you love me” constantly. Everyone loves to hear compliment but this just goes over the top.

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