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LADIES ONLY:10 guys you should never to date if you want to get married

1. The Shady one: Everything about him is suspicious. And since trust is required, it’s never start anything with this guy. Just walk away.

2. The one who compares you to his exes: Usually when people move on, they really move on. This guy isn’t over his ex-girlfriend and will keep making you feel inadequate because there’s a large part of him that still wants her. If you know deep inside you that he would always choose her over you, it’s better to take a long walk.

3. The one who buys you unnecessary gifts: It doesn’t mean if your boyfriend gets stuffs for you then he’s shady. In this instance, his gifts are always a cover up for something, either he’s asking for forgiveness after messing around or the gifts are a replacement for being with you. It’s easy to get carried away but don’t be fooled.


4. The serial monogamist: This guy jumps from one relationship to another like he’s changing clothes. Commitment is only temporary for him and it looks like he’ll never end up you because he doesn’t know it’s like to be in a long-term relationship.

5. The alcoholic: he’s not a ‘social drinker’ though he swears to be one but doesn’t know when to stop the bottles from becoming numerous. He becomes aggressive and nasty when he’s had too much to drink and will turn on you. This kind of guy should be avoided like a plague.

6. The Control Freak: Like the name implies, this guy not only wants to know everything about you but also have control over your life. As a grown woman who knows what she wants, this kind of guy is simply bad news…just run.

7. The one with commitment phobia: This guy is simply scared to commit. he may have had bad experiences in the past and will tell you about them but may never be ready for a committed relationship with anyone. This guy’s simply waste your time in the end.

8. The fast one: You may want to take your time with this one. He may be nice and all but his attention could smother you. he moves too quickly with everything and may want to begin a relationship with you after a second date.  Try to slow him down if you can.

9. The one with a bag of excuses: he breaks plans, does inappropriate things in public and will never own up to his mistakes rather he’ll find excuses to cover up for his mistakes. He’s not a kid anymore and you’ll have to deal with a lot of issues dating this kind of man.

10. The one who has dated everyone: This guy has dated and slept with everyone you know except your mother and grandmother. As much as he may be fun and interesting, nobody wants to deal with a man that has been around the block.

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