Christ Embassy Demands Unpaid Tithes As A Condition For Marriage 

​My uncle happens to be a staunch member of christ embassy, so he decides to get married and mid last year he brought his wife to be to introduce her to my parents, we all started looking forward to the wedding but as months rolled by we didn’t hear or see any preparations
Along the line my mum decided to know what the delay for, my uncle told my mum that their pastor asked yhem to hold on that they still checking , verifying and praying about it, months kept rolling by they said stil on it … We keep watching was only until a month ago that they decided to get wedded in another Church in the lady hometown, funny enough nobody or pastor from his church attended the wedding.

Out of curiosity I decide to ask why they weren’t joined together at his church and I began to hear of the ridiculous things that they were asked to do before the church joins them but the most baffling one is this below : 

 Their unpaid tithes since they have been attending the church was calculated and it amounted to 1.2 million naira which must be paid before they are joined together

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