Wifely Duties Nigerian Ladies Should Avoid With Their Boyfriends

Every Nigerian Single ladies want to get married and of course wants to impress the man of their dreams.There’s absolutely nothing wrong in showing off your good womanly skills and why you will make a better wife than your rival.

Buh there are some wifely duties you should avoid with your boyfriend if you want to have a good future ahead.

7 Wifely Duties Nigerian Ladies Should Avoid With Their Boyfriends

1. Mingle With His Friends

This might be fun if you knew him through his friends, buh nevertheless, you should cut down on all familarity with his friends once you start dating him.This will save you from the stress of your good intentions being misinterpreted,Or his friends knowing too much of you to begin to decide whether they like or approve you or not.

2. Do His Laundry

You should be focused on building your relationship, not how great a housekeeper you’re.There are laundry shops on almost every street in Nigeria cities.If he tells you his clothes need washing, offer to call your laundry man for him or help him drop his clothes at the laundry shop.

3. Spend The Weekend At His Place

Most Nigerian ladies do this a lot and it’s becoming a norm.You just want to have the feel of what it will actually be like living with him.It starts by sleeping over because it was too late for you to go home, then it progresses to you consciously going there for the weekend.What happened to the place you paid rent for? Smh..

4. Visit His Family Regularly

First things first, don’t be in a haste to meet his family, or for him to meet your family unless he’s planning to marry you.And when he finally introduces you to them, avoid paying the regular and uncalled for visits.The idea is not to get too involved with his family until you start bearing their name.

5. Depending On Him To Take Care Of You And Your Family

This is very common among Nigerian ladies, where a single lady assumes that all her financial burdens will be relieved by her boyfriend.Only lazy girls depend on their boyfriends for everything and if you want him to appreciate you, show him you’re capable of taking care of your needs as well as that of your family.

6. Sleep With Him

Sex is sacred and was designed for married couples.You giving your body to your boyfriend goes against God’s plan and also defiles your body and values.Stop giving him your body whenever he calls you up for it.Until he puts a wedding ring on your finger, then he’s not worthy to receive wife benefits from you.When you become his wife, he will get treated like a husband.

7. Public Display Of Affection

Nigerian ladies are too fast in doing things when they are in a relationship.Try as much as possible to avoid going everywhere together, holding hands, kissing in public, uploading his pics on your social networks account and all that love birds do to drag attention.You might see it as part of spicing up your relationship buh it’ll have negative effects on you if the relationship doesn’t end up at the altar.

I drop my pen at this Juncture.

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