15-Year-Old Girl Stripped Uncl*d For “Having S3x” Gets University Scholarship

According to Linus Abaa who has been following the story,the 15-year-old girl who was stripped uncl*d and beaten after being caught with her lover has been given scholarship to study up to university level.Below is what Linus wrote……

#justice4uzoamaka. Update:Scholarship for Uzoamaka.
Thanks outpouring of support for the cause of justice for our jewel, Uzoamaka, has made the burden a lot easier to bear. For all those also criticizing and pressurizing, am also grateful; however, o cannot do otherwise or any less than I have done: this is me.

Meanwhile, I am exhilarated to announce the award of FULL SCHOLARSHIP TO UNIVERSITY LEVEL for Uzoamaka by a Godsent PHILANTHROPIST who has chosen to remain anonymous for now.

uzoamaka chukwu

uzoamaka chukwu1

I shall, however, continue pleading to him/her to decide and take a date and the opportunity to announce this life changing gift to the public along with so many other dreamlike attachments that come along with the offer.

Who said that adversities are not the seeds of success. Can any one still question the bold but difficult decision to publicize the ordeals of our little queen.

Prayers and collective support and public advocacy for unimpaired justice remain our debt to Uzoamaka and eternal vigilance our responsibility to society.


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