For Guys, Here Are 15 Signs She’s A Keeper

Whew inching closer to the 30’s and mid 30’s and everyone asking you when you’re getting married I suppose?

Getting married is not the problem, the problem is finding a keeper! A girl who will hold you down at your best and at your worst; one who has the brains of Michelle Obama, the confidence of Caroline Mutoko and the charisma and looks of Julie Gichuru!

That, my friends, is the task!

If you aren’t sure, here are signs that you’re dating a keeper and need to put a ring on it like yesterday!

wife material

1. She has a great sense of humor
Laughter is the best medicine. You need to be with someone who is not afraid to be herself around you; one who doesn’t take life too seriously sometimes. No one wants to come home to gloomy-boring-always-annoyed-Jane after a long day of work.

2. She’s a homemaker
She will cook for you, clean after you, make sure the house is in order; after all, those are the basic wife duties; to take care of the home.

3. She’s mature
Get you a girl who can let loose over the weekend yet watch her drinking limits; one who’s not immersed in gossip and superficiality.

4. She’s kind and compassionate
If your girl is rude to waiters for no apparent reason, that’s a huge red flag right there. You should be with someone who is caring and compassionate, it shows that her heart is pure!

5. She’s smart
Imagine taking your girl out for dinner with friends and family and the discussions of Brexit or ISIS arise and she asks “What is EU?” God! I’d be mortified. Date someone who can have a meaningful conversation with your friends and family. Unless you’re into the Donald Trump bimbo-blondie type…

6. She’s flexible
If I were a man, my ideal girl would be the kind that can switch from gym wear to shorts for a weekend of watching a rugby game, then to a sexy little black dress for date night…a girl who is spontaneous and wants to partake in fun activities with you. She doesn’t have to be sporty, but the kind of girl that’s not
worried about breaking her nails when you suggest a weekend of trail biking at Karura.

7. She gets along with your family and friends
I don’t think there’s any possible way to be happily married to someone who doesn’t get along with your family and friends cause a majority of the time, your lives will revolve around family and friends.

8. She adds value to your life
She makes your life better. Not as an arm-candy, but in the sense that she holds you down; she’s there for you through the ups and downs. She pushes you to reach your full potential, she encourages you, prays for you, gives you the motivation to become a better man!

9. She’s not afraid to call you out when you Bleep up
The girl who tells you that you’re spending, driving, drinking recklessly is a keeper.

10. She’s not materialistic
Hey, we all want a vacation in Dubai and the latest phone. But the girl you should marry is not driven by material things. She just wants to love and to be loved! Everything else is extra…

11. She’s patient with you
She sticks by you through the good days and the bad. She believes in you and is patient with you. This is the kind of girl who will not rush to the divorce court when poo hits the fan in your marriage and will instead try to work things out.

12. You’re comfortable around her
You don’t feel the need to change personas when you’re around her. You can literally and comfortably bleat like a goat when laughing and she will think “that’s so cute”, cause she loves the things you hate about yourself and she doesn’t try to change you.

13. You share similar values
You share the same beliefs e.g. on how to raise a family. If you
have different beliefs, sooner than later, there will be endless
tags of war on different issues.

14. She’s great around kids
God forbid that the person you’re dating is the kind that sees a child and goes like “get that thing away from me”. Unless of
course, you both don’t want kids.

15. You’re sexually compatible
Things aren’t awkward in the bedroom.

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