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Why You Should Always Sleep On The Left Side of Your Body

​Lot of people still do not know about the dangers involved with the position they are sleeping. It is a fact that some sleeping positions can adversely affect the digestive system. This theory has been evident in man since the time of monks who after every meal, always lay down to aid digestion. It has also been confirmed by the oldest Oriental medicine, Ayurvedic medicine as sleeping on the left side is advised by them.

Here are some reasons you should always rest on the left side of the body when sleeping:

– Sleeping on the left side of the body aids proper digestion.

– It encourages a smoother flow of bile in the body.

– It encourages proper flow of blood to the heart.

– Supports proper spleen functioning.

– It enhances better removal of substances.

– It  the heart to direct  flow properly.

– It encourages lymphatic draina

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