10 Hottest Body Parts In A Female

What do men find the most attractive, when they look at sexy females? The list of these 10 body parts may surprise you!

1. Bums

Guys just love these curves! Nice bums make them want you immediately. And having a cute butt is the guarantee of lots of male attention to you, so do squats to get it in shape.

2. Eyes
Geishas in Japan could stop the man with one gaze of their eyes. They knew how to stun men and capture their hearts and minds. So, after a curvy swish of your bums, learn to make up your eyes properly and look males right into their souls.

3. The thing 

That’s the most desirable destination in your body. Men come from it at birth and all their lives they wish to go back.

4. Breasts
King size is men’s favourite

5. Hair

It’s not just about the hair, but about how you wear it, how you tweak or flap it talking to a man, etc. Short or long, when well groomed it attracts guys

6. Lips

Often time if a man is looking at your lips it means he is thinking about the kiss. Puffy lips seem to be more attractive than the small ones.

7. Smile

It wins them over, especially when the smile goes all the way up in your eyes.

8. Back
A sexy dress with an opened back is hot!

9. Belly
Soft and flat females bellies are sexy and so appealing!All ye pot-bellied ladies.

10. Feet
Well-tended, gentle and small female feet attract male attention.

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