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Six Questions You Should Never Ask A Woman

Women are complicated creatures that men can never figure out. Whether that is true or not, this might add to the supposed complications. There are questions you should never ask a woman.

You might be having knowledge of some questions women hate being asked. If skeptical, then kindly try to ask any of these questions to your girlfriend, sister, cousin, niece colleague, and any woman you know and notice their response.

These are the questions they hate being asked:

1. How Old Are You?
Age is a very sensitive matter to most women. So, the age-related question is generally appalling.

2. Are You On Your Period?
Just because she is having those weird, funny reactions does not mean she is on her period. If you want to be given the eye, or be treated like an old book for a whole day then ask a woman if she’s being distressed due to her periods.

3. Are You Pregnant?
This question is probably the most insulting to a woman than any other. Do not ask a woman if she is pregnant; Instead, assume she is until she tells you herself. In short, you have insulted her look, her weight and compared her to a whale. Chances are she is not pregnant; she is struggling with her weight to which she does not need a reminder or maybe she is pregnant, but she is not yet ready to disclose to people especially a male friend or colleague.

4. Why Don’t You Have Kids?
This is another insulting question which can be interpreted in so many ways as being disrespectful, judgmental etc. Maybe she is struggling to conceive a baby, or she is waiting for the perfect time. Some are not married, therefore not thinking of having one. Who knows maybe she lost a pregnancy or even worse.

5. When Are You Getting Married?
This is a common one. Some women who are due for marriage are usually terrified of the word ‘marriage’ At a certain age, everyone expects you to get married, settle down and have children. Not many decide not to get married; perhaps there’s a personal reason why they are still single. Who knows, it is their business, not yours. So, stop nosing around.

6. How Much Money Do You Make?
When it comes to money, it is more intimate details only for the chosen few or none at all. Only your employer is allowed to ask such a question or a spouse who is committed to. Not even siblings or parents are allowed to know such details of your life. Even if one chooses to disclose, it is only to those who is important.

Be pre-occupied with what you earn, not what others are making.

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