Five Things More Satisfying Than S3x

The way some people pursue s*x sometimes as though their live depends on it, baffles me. Some demonic ones even go as far as committing rape or incest in order to have it. But the pleasure of s*x is momentarily and transient.

Here are five things that are more gratifying than s*x.

1. Making Money: Whenever I am expecting money, I am excited. When business is going as plan, it gives me so much pleasure and smiles that you can keep s*x for later.

2. Achievements and Success: Seeing goals become reality and dreams coming to pass is one feeling that exceeds s*x. Depending on how much such achievement means to you, sometimes it could make you cry out of feeling so good. One of such of my achievements was when I got a full scholarship to study abroad, me from a poor home, raise up by a single parent. That was my first time to enter a flight and that opportunity led to many open doors. Such is a feeling greater than s*x.

3. Eating Well: The emphasis of this point is on ‘well’. There are some meal that will be set before you eh, omo na to forget s*x settle down chop food o.

4. Dressing Well: Just like the last point, the emphasis of this point is on ‘well’. There is a way you will dress up, you feel sooo good about yourself in a way that s*x cannot make you feel. You confidence appreciate and you automatically seems more intelligent. These give you a nice feeling s*x may not guarantee.

5. Building and Developing Competencies: For those who are committed to continual excellence, there is an excitement and ecstasy that comes when they add an additional knowledge and competency to their skill set. It is like the Eureka! moment. It spur and excite them, it gives joy and sense of fulfillment that s*x may not give.

In actual sense, many wise people have been able to re-direct their sexual urges to pursue one or more of these things listed above to add value to their lives rather than dissipate this energy pursuing sexual gratification that may add just little or nothing to their lives.

When next you are consume by sexual graving, why not convert it to pursue any of these?

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