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Sarcasm banned in North Korea – President Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly banned the use of sarcasm in everyday conversations in a fresh crackdown on criticism of his leadership.
Sources in the shadowy dictatorship say that the tubby despot will not tolerate any form of satire against his regime, and mass meetings are now being held to issue the warnings to North Korean citizens.

“One state security official personally organized a meeting to alert local residents to potential ‘hostile actions’ by internal rebellious elements,” a source from the Jagang province of the country told Radio Free Asia’s (RFA) Korean Service this week.

An insider told RFA’s Korean Service that meetings were being conducted to warn citizens to ‘keep their mouths shut’.

It’s believed that the message has now been delivered in several provinces.

Certain phrases have also been banned, including ‘this is all America’s fault’, which could be seen as a direct attack on the leader if spoken with ironic intent.

‘This habit of the central authorities of blaming the wrong country when a problem’s cause obviously lies elsewhere has led citizens to mock the party’, the source went on to claim.

The move to crack down on free speech comes after a series of attempts within North Korea to openly condemn the government – with graffiti that mocked government policy emerging on a building in the capital of Pyongyang earlier this year.

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