Married Zimbabwean Man And His Lover’s S3xtape Leaked 

Zimbabwean website H-Metro news has exposed what is trending right now on the social media.A leaked s3x video of a 39 year old single mother who trades at Avondale flea market and a 27 year old man.

Both of them, Mercy Mukungunugwa also known as Mai Fungai and her lover Masunga ‘Sauti’ Togara recorded themselves having unprotected s3x and Glen view where Mercy lives.

The Compromizing Video leaked after Mercy left her mobile phone unattended while relieving herself, at least according to her. Mercy is reported to have invited Sauti for a sex session following their discussions about bedroom issues while selling their wares, H-metro revealed.

“Mai Fungai vakanakirwa nenyaya dzaitaurwa na Sauti takatandara kusina basa and is the one who invited him to prove what he was claiming,” said the source.

“If you view the tape Sauti was being instructed to make sure his sex organ is shown on the recorder with that old woman promising to delete after the session.

“Mai Fungai wanted to wreck Sauti’s marriage by leaking the Compromizing Video and as we speak, Sauti is no longer in good books with his wife following the leak,” added the source.
Mercy confirmed the story but said Sauti was her husband and she forgot to delete the tape adding that it leaked after one of her friends took her mobile phone.

“I am blaming my workmates who took my phone and leaked the Compromizing Video, I am not the one who leaked it,” said Mercy.

“As we speak, we are at loggerheads with my husband accusing me of leaking the tape.

“I left my mobile phone at the table going to the toilet and I strongly suspect that was the time my friends accessed it.

“We were doing it for fun and we forgot to delete the tape, the man you see there is my husband, hapana nyaya apa murume wangu,” said Mercy refusing to take H-Metro to the one she claimed to be her husband.

Sauti, who stays in Dzivaresekwa, disappeared from the market on hearing that H-Metro was looking for his comment; his mobile phone went unanswered

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