13 Things You Don’t Know about ‘GOOGLE’

​The world’s biggest internet company Google is celebrating its 18th birthday, with a Doodle on the homepage of the search engine.
Here are 13 facts about google you should know

1. No one knows the birthday of Google
Concerning today’s Doodle
– when is Google’s birthday? – can’t be answered categorically. The company has six birthdays, at least, and recently just decided to start celebrating it on 27 September. 

2. A T-Rex can be found on Google’s Campus, and its message is a little terrifying
There is a huge model of a T-Rex skeleton on the company’s campus, which is supposed to remind employees not to let the company go extinct.

3. There is a T-Rex game hidden in Google Chrome
And that’s not the end to the T-Rex. if chrome does not have an internet connection, it would show a warning information that its not connected and just beside it is the picture of a dinosaur.
And if you press the space bar while showing this, it will start a game in which you run along as the dinosaur, jumping over obstacles by pressing the space bar . The game doesn’t end, because all of the obstacles are generated by the code.so it keeps on generating.

4. Google was actually not happy that its name has become popular
The company is scared that the phrase, “just Google it” would water-down all the work it had done to make-the brand become what it is.

5. Google buys more other companies beyond your imagination
Estimates has put Google’s buying habits at more than one company per week. Most of these companies are small, but then some of them can be huge too.
Most of the products simply get grafted into others. But some, like Android, continue to exist on their own within Google and that happens to be its most recognizable product.

6.The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button costs Google tens of millions of dollars per year
The button might seem like just a bit of fun, and that’s what it mostly is. But it’s fun at a price for Google.
By going straight through to the first result, Google actually skips past all the advertisements that it would usually show to people when they get up to the results page. That means it looses advertisement income.
Google Instant means that as long as you have it’s on and your connection is fast enough, results will start to appear as you begin to type. And Google is actually able to gather enough information about you from your browsing history on the internet that it can be quite sure you will come into contact with one of its ads, though it might not be immediate.

7. Google’s first ever storage was made of Lego

Google is one of the world’s biggest data storage companies with warehouse upon warehouse filled with servers to store people’s work, photos, emails and details. At the very beginning, when it was called as Backrub, its first storage was a load of hard drives housed in Lego.

8. Google gives very generous payouts to the husbands and wives of the workers who die on duty
They would actually receive 50 per cent of their salary for the next decade. And their children also receive payout until they’re grown up.

9. One search on Google uses more computing power than it took to land the Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon
Searching on Google is easy and just takes milliseconds. Both the computing and networking power needed to look through almost all of the known internet is far more huge than the relatively minor amount of code and computing that it took to land humans on the moon.

10. Google actually went down once for five minutes, and took wit it 40 percent of the web traffic
On 19 August, 2013, Google stopped working for five minutes. And it took much of the internet with it.
While other companies have looked to challenge Google’s dominance in search, it still represents a huge part of the web.
Nowadays, such an outage would be unlikely to cause such a problem – other sites, mostly Facebook, have challenged Google’s dominance as the central linking place of the world. But Google still accounts for a huge part of everything anyone finds or looks at on the internet.

11. Google also hires goats
The big google headquarter has lots of green.it has so much grass that it would need a lot of lawnmowers. But Google has devised a way around that.
Instead of gas-powered machines, Google hires a lot of goats to clear the fields around its campus.
They visit for about a week at a time, and about 200 goats come to munch up the Google grass.The goats do not use gas, also they don’t pollute the air or make as much noise. And they are “a lot cuter to watch than lawn mowers”, Google’s employees noted.

12. There are also dogs at Google too
Google’s office environment is very dog friendly
. It claims that allowing people bring in their pets makes employees a lot happier.
Cats are not so encouraged, because dogs get them upset. but they are not banned.

13. Google’s logo wasn’t in the middle until 2001
The simplicity of the Google homepage lies in the fact that it is one of the most viewed things in the history of the world. So even the tiniest changes are very significant .
In its first few years the site was around, its logo was aligned a little to the left. That stopped in 2001, when Google finally moved it into the middle.

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