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Unilag Shuts School Gate Over Protest

University of Lagos has ordered the closure of the school gate of the main campus at Akoka due to protest by the students.
The students who are aggrieved are said to be protesting against the rustication of some members of the students’ union.                                                                                                                 The students who were rusticated were the leaders of the ULSU, the student body that led a protest in April over poor electricity and water supply in the school community and the difficulty faced by a large number of students living off campus to attend classes as a result of the fuel crisis.The members of the suspended ULSU executive had earlier in the month protested what they described as an ‘unjust rustication’ of the union members.
The aggrieved students gathered at the school ‘s senate building to demand thorough investigation of the suspensions of the students’ leaders, ranging from two to four semesters, for their role in a protest that led to the closure of the university in April.


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