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MEEK MILL And Nicki Minaj Just Got Married!

It looks like Kid Cudi might have his revenge because Drake is likely to be on suicide watch after this news!

We know that you’ve heard all of the rumors, seen all of the online fighting back-and-forth and even witnessed Meek Mill seemingly delete his entire Instagram account out of frustration around his lady, and rumored fiancé, Nicki Minaj.

Well that is apparently all over! By all appearances it seems that the quarreling couple has decided to bury the hatchet and jump the broom!

According to a brand-new post, the reigning New York queen of hip-hop and the Philly rap savior has seemingly just gotten hitched! Meek Mill and Nick Minaj have just put all of the break up rumors to sleep. We will no longer be asking Nicki Minaj if she is Mill’s officialgirlfriend or official fiancé. According to this post, it is clear what she is…. “WIFE!”

Sorry Drake! We know she meant a lot to you bruh! You may have won the battles, but it looks like Meek just won THE WAR and the spoils thereof! Young love is beautiful.

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