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Black Magic Used By Rwanda Premier League Footballers To Prevent and Score Goals (Video)

A video has been posted online to reveal what happened during the game between Mukura Victory and Rayon Sports. It is alleged that black magic was used during the game by both sides.
In the game Mukura’s Striker Moussa Camara whose team was losing by 1-0 was seen removing a charm on the opponent’s goal post that has prevented his side from scoring.
The game ended 1-1 as Mukura Victory levelled the score-line after the charm was removed.
Meanwhile the Rwanda Football officials have been forced to take action by fining any player seen to take part in witchcraft with a 100,000 Rwandan Francs which is equivalent to N57,000 and if a club has been involved they will lose three points and face a fine of 2.9million RWF.
Vedasite Kayiranga, the vice president of the Rwanda FA has said they would enact laws to check the worrisome situation.
Jimmy Mulisa, former Rwandan International thinks FA should take serious measures against such behaviour, citing why he had to cut short his career because many teams believed in witchcraft which he didn’t.








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