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Ubi Franklin Removes Wedding Ring, has he moved on?

The CEO of Made Men Music posted a photo of his wrist showing off a timepiece given to him by Alibaba and we noticed he has stopped wearing his wedding ring. Many of his fans also noticed same. This is coming on the heels of his marriage crash with Lilian Esoro which had barely just lasted for one year.

According to Misspetite, a popular blogger, “Their issues reportedly range from infidelity to domestic abuse. If you recall, their relationship has always been rocky from the moment he proposed to her. Lilian rejected the proposal and was literally begged to accept him. He even flew all the way to the USA to win her back. This was because she was not expecting a proposal in such a short time and besides, she was in love with an actor who is now married.

When she realized the actor had moved on to the new lady he is now married to, she heeded to friends advice and accepted Ubi. Her family also cajoled her to marry him as he was quite generous to them.
Even after accepting his proposal, they split once again and he begged her yet again before she finally agreed and got married.
In a year of marriage, they have welcomed a son and this has sparked reports she must have gotten pregnant before their marriage was official,




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