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Amateur Cook Goes Viral After Starting a Show Where She Cooks Without Cloth

A new  chef is after Jamie Oliver’s crown – but does she have what it takes?   American Stephanie Dail, who goes by ‘Sexy Chef Steph’, cooks Asian chicken on camera as sexily as she can muster – nibbling on vegetables, flashing her bottom and even tapping her n@pple with a wooden spoon. The young woman from North Carolina uploaded the video – in which she wears nothing but a black apron – to YouTube where it has amassed over 3.6 million views. It’s a challenging watch due to shaky, out of focus camera work, questionable lighting and a less-than-appetising recipe – but that clearly hasn’t put viewers off.

















In the footage we see Steph prepare her ‘signature’ Asian chicken, with peppers and basil.  She is seen talking to the spoon as if it is a microphone, to camera, saying: ‘Hello and welcome to naked cooking with chef Steph. ‘I love to be n@ked, cook food and travel the world. So therefore, I’m going to cook food for you all.

Steph pours a generous amount of balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil on the chicken and cooks it in a pan. Steph then chops a courgette then bites into a large, raw Portobello mushroom, before retrieving it from her mouth to chop. Having done nothing overtly sexy for a few seconds, Steph taps her Bosom  with her wooden spoon, then bends down to get something from the fridge.
Once her dish is done, she says: ‘Success boys, nothing but success.’  Originally seen on YouTube channel Bonjour TIANWS, where it attracted most of its viewers, Stephanie uploaded the clip onto her own channel earlier this year. She has also uploaded a bizarre video of her smoking a cigarette, using her feet to light and manoeuvre the lighter.

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