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Ladies: 10 things you shouldn’t do for love

There are things you shouldn’t do for love. No matter how strongly you feel about a man or woman, take your brain along with you. Love is no longer blind. Gone are the days when love is blind. These days, your love’s eyes should be wide open like that of a shark to avoid stories that touch.

It’s not news that women will do a lot to please men they love. But women should be wise so that they won’t short change themselves in the process. There are things women shouldn’t do for men in a relationship.

1.Don’t give up your dreams

There are many women out there who gave up on their dreams to help their man achieve theirs and ended up sad, unfulfilled and frustrated. These same men dumped them afterwards. Don’t ever give up your dreams for a man. Any man who doesn’t support your dreams is an enemy of progress, run away from such men.relationship

2.Don’t give up your happiness

A man who loves you will seek for you to be happy in many ways. If he expects you to give up your happiness for him, he is not for you. Don’t give in to the emotional blackmail.

3.Don’t pay your partner’s bills

Don’t take up financial responsibility for your man. He needs to be financially responsible for his bills and upkeep. It doesn’t mean you can’t support him when necessary, but don’t completely take over his responsibility. He needs to work for his own money.

4.Don’t reject your family because of him

Your family is everything. You can’t reject them because your man doesn’t like them. It will be very dangerous on your part to reject your family all because of a man. They are your covering when it really gets down. Your man should love the people who have loved and nurtured you into the woman you have becom

5.Don’t change your appearance

These days, women are doing a lot, taking pills to change their bodies just to please their men. But changing your body and appearance to please a man is wrong. Your man should love you for how you are. If you die in the process, he won’t die with you. You will be left all alone.

6.Don’t steal for him

Don’t steal for a man. Don’t falsify documents at work to get him money to start a business or to travel abroad. What do you think you are doing? Don’t allow a man push you into crime just to please him. If you get into trouble, he will abandon you and move to another woman. Learn to stand your ground and be firm in your relationships.

7.Don’t fight another woman because of him

This is the most stupid thing you can do in the name of love. No man deserves you fighting another woman over. Fighting because of him doesn’t prove anything. Two things are likely to happen, it’s either the other woman beats you to a pulp and you end up in the hospital or you will beat the person and end up in jail, either way, you don’t win. Do that only when attacked and you know it’s for self defence.

8.Don’t be a push over

It is nice to be sweet to your man but learn how to say no too. Don’t appear weak and succumb to all his wishes in the interest of pleasing him. If you know the things you can’t take, don’t pretend to be cool with them. Let him know your stand straight up. If he threatens to leave you because you refused to give in to his unhealthy demands, let him go. Love is not an invitation to be docile.

9.Don’t kill for him

Don’t ever think about executing such an atrocity for a man no matter how convincing the situation is. If you end up in jail, another woman will take your place and you would have thrown away your life for nothing. Love him, but take your brains with you. Don’t commit a crime because of a man. It’s not worth it.

10.Don’t change who you are

Any partner that demands you change who you are just for them to feel good or big about themselves, doesn’t deserve to be in your life. You are unique as a woman. You are complete in yourself and your man should appreciate you for who you are. If a man demands that you change for him and it’s not for the better, show him the way out of your beautiful life.

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