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Nine tips on how to pass Jamb Exam with flying color

1.Write down a Plan

Want to pass Jamb? Then you have to plan to do just that! Write down your timetable to start the exam preparations. You may need to start with subjects that you are very good at. When you finish with an easy task, turn your focus onto harder questions. They may take some time to grasp, but it`s better to start with something easy than take going for a harder subject.

2.Do not forget about statistics

According to statistics, only 295,095 students will pass Jamb in 2017. So if about 1,475,476 students take part in the examination, then a very high percentage of people will fail. It is a competition and if you do not want to lose the opportunity this year, you have to put in the work.

Everything that you have studied in school will be of great use to you during your exams. The test is computer based, so you can practice on your computer and mobile phone to pass it. You can find all necessary materials on the internet.

3.Learn to control your time

Do not forget that there is a time limit when you are taking your Jamb test. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board will give you only 2hrs 45 mins to answer 250 questions. It might like it is too short but it is actually not. You should aim to beat this time.

4.No distractions

This is a venture that should be taken very seriously. That`s why you should not have time for your friends, TV and any kind of entertainment. No distractions are allowed while you are preparing for the test. Explain to your friends and your family members that you need some time alone to prepare so you can do well.

You have to put a lot of effort into preparing for your Jamb test. This is not something you should study for one night and ignore the next day. You need to practice a lot to beat the time limit. Jamb CBT practice software should be your training ground where you can learn important techniques make good use of your time. You can download the practice software on your computer or mobile phone to prepare for the exams.

5.Examine your CBT screen

You should get very familiar with the CBT like the back of your hand. When you get to the examination room, you will not have time to examine the test screen. This is your chance to find out where in the test you can learn the instructions and where you can find questions.

6.Practice every day

Jamb exam is not something you can simply pass without any effort. You need to have adequate preparation. Prepare every day and practice every day. This will help you get successful Jamb results in 2017.

7.Practice with your friend

If you have a friend that will also take a test this year – you can study test materials together. One can be a teacher and another can be a student. You can set up a competition and see who finishes the test faster. You can also double your efforts in finding necessary materials to prepare for the test.

Your friend can help you to find mistakes that you constantly make in the test. At the same time, together with your friend, you can strenghten your bond. Therefore, preparing for the examination will not be so boring if you have a friend with you.

8.Practice with a champion

If you  know somebody who has passed Jamb with flying colours before, then you need to get close to this person. They can help you become an expert in passing your Jamb test. They can also help you find the best ways to prepare and make you understand the important details so you don’t waste time on unnecessary things.

9.You need to practice on a computer before the big day

Once you get the computer – install Jamb CBT practice software and start your practice. If the person borrowing you the computer cannot leave it to you fora whole day, then try and agree on specific hours that you can use it. If you are unable to borrow a computer – you can install the software on your mobile phone and practice there.

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Remember that Jamb is extremely crucial for you later in life. Do not waste time on games and friends right now. You will have plenty of time for that afterward when you get your Jamb result. You should know that not everyone passes the test. So you need to double your effort when preparing for your test.

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