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Here Are Seven Ways To Handle A Difficult Lady In A Relationship

The issue around difficulty on the part of one of the two parties involved in a relationship can be a serious thing to debate on to a conclusion. Handling difficulty in a relationship takes a whole lot of patience, and if not carefully controlled, could eventually lead to a painful breakup.

Handling a difficult lady could come with some peculiarities due to ladies feminine nature, softness ‘delicateness’ but then no relationship is beyond repairs.

  1. Be Calm when she is hot – At times ladies also love to have their way on every issue especially when they have been there. In this situation, try to listen to your lady’s view about the differences you are both having then balance the scale on the issue.
  1. Let her Have her Way at times – As the man in a relationship, you shouldn’t be having your way always, your lady (also need to have her own say, she is becoming part of you for crying out loud) will also love you to tread her path as well. So intentionally make her have her way so as to make her see the end result of it. Though this shouldn’t be allowed when you know her way is not leading to a pleasant destination.
  1. Create time to trash out Issues – Getting into any relationship shouldn’t be all about compatibility, you should also create time to discuss some issues bothering you as the man in the relationship. Get her to tell you why she isn’t happy about some things you do. With this, you gradually soften on some issues she has been hard
  1. Be Easy yourself – It is a popular saying in the world of Chemistry that for every action, there is always a reaction. So do a check on yourself to examine how you are bringing difficulty into your relationship. Soften your responses on some issues and try to delay gratification too.
  1. Say sweet words to her – Some men are just reserved about everything. No, it shouldn’t be like that. Learn to water her feministic ego with those alluring words. Take her to the mountain higher than her and tell her how lonely you can be without her by your side. You can be so sure, this will leave some joy on your lady’s heart.
  1.  Seek help– Seek help from trusted individual you think are skilful with relationship matters, let them advise you on the right way to treat your lady. To the guy, whether you like it or not, nothing is really wrong with your lady, all you might just need to do is to listen to a professional advise and balance the scale where understanding each other is concerned.
  1.  Prayer – Many single individuals have forsaken the place of prayer and therefore tagged it old school. Prayer can just be all you need. Kneel to God and hands off the situation to Him. He will surely help you.

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