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Ghanaian celebrity,Rashida under fire for posting video with flies in her V@g!na (Pics,video)

A Ghanian girl Rashidatu Mohammed a.k.a Rashida Black Beauty has come under fire on social media releasing her video which has gone viral.She was bashed not just becuase of the video she posted but how fly was following her private part.

In the two minutes video, she was seen shaking her waist and openly displaying her ‘flie infested private part’In 2016, she won Viral Video of the year at Jigwe Award witg her Kushmai recording.Not everyone lauded her winning the award and also expressed disdain about the organisers.

“The organisers of the award are the kind of people destroying the moral fiber of this country” said a lady who spoke on the condition of anonymity.The discussion was on the WhatsApp platform for Alliance for Women in Media, Africa.“I don’t think she has good people around her. Her manager only seemed interested in getting his hands on the money people offered her to help further her education,” another interviewee said.

Afua observed that “without controversy a decent hardworking person doesn’t trend”.“You cannot do decent diligent work and make it in Ghana. Looks like you have to be dubious to have it work out for you. She is a product of our society, a reflection of our system,” Efe Plange, Founder of Sankofa Reviews said

Just when the discussion got to its peak, Rashida Black Beauty posts on her facebook page, “Hello Ghana, I am sorry and I regret my actions, there is a lot of explanation to this video but I guess the harm has already been done so no one will be willing to hear what I have to say or tell them.

All I want to say is I regret my actions and I hope Ghanaians do forgive me… Thank you!”In order to resuscitate her almost forgotten short lived fame, Rashida Malafaka Black Beauty has released her own video.



















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