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Nigerian lady exposes man who begged for money on social media

A beautiful Nigerian lady identified as, Lola, has taken to her social media handle to reveal details of how a man slides into her Direct Message (DM) to beg for money. The man who uses the name @BadmanSauce was said to have sent Lola a direct message that she should help him financially. But after the young lady shouted back at him, he claimed his account was hacked. Lola made the screenshot of their conversation with the caption: “Is this what y’all do on twitter?? I’m shocked like tf???”


















The guy’s message reads: “Hello Lola, could you assist m

e financially? Okay, but if you can’t help please appreciate it if you don’t rub this on my face.”

She replied immediately saying: “Are you serious. Wooow! Rub what? You dm me and the first thing you do is ask me for money and I’m rubbing it in your face?? Is this a joke? I look like Davido or Wizkid? Help with what?? Are you handicapped? I’m busting myself everyday going to work and here asking me for my money??”

At this point, the young man realised he has passed his boundary so he claimed that his account was hacked, saying: “Wow Jesu, I’m extremely sorry, like I’m so sorry. I was hacked. I didn’t send those really, please don’t be offended.”

However, the young after people have taken to his Twitter handle to ask if he truly told the lady to help him financially, he said yes but changed it because of how she went about it.

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